Community safety sectors Infrastructure


Every sector we work with is managing the rapid acceleration of knowledge and capabilities within community safety. We help our collaborators navigate this growth by providing the data, tools, applications, and guidance needed to prepare for the future.


Working together

Our community safety team collaborate with the infrastructure sector to:

  • Inform decision making that safeguard existing and emerging infrastructure
  • Inform revisions to loading standards that contribute to the National Construction Code
  • Characterise the hazard environment to support design decisions
  • Provide the evidence base to ensure infrastructure investment programs are fit for the environment
  • Develop vulnerability models for infrastructure systems to determine the vulnerability of interconnected infrastructure systems
Learn more about our infrastructure collaborations geared towards improving the preparedness, response and recovery cycle of natural hazard events.
Image of the Margarete River region which is an area identified as having higher than average geomagnetic qualities

Case study Analysing historic geomagnetic data to identify space weather hazards

How historic geomagnetic data is influencing Australian electricity infrastructure decision making.